Building his PC went HORRIBLY wrong

2 Mei 2021
298 545 Ditonton

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  • I mean, he can afford all the shit he bricked so getting them replaced seems pretty unfair

    Uzi KruUzi Kru11 menit yang lalu

    Brett MastersBrett Masters29 menit yang lalu
  •*** You Kyle :(

    Maciek OziMaciek OziJam Yang lalu
  • Should my used RX 580 8gb be idling at 55°?

    Shady CharacterShady CharacterJam Yang lalu
  • Could you please show how you integrate the Mac with this new build?

    cookie jarcookie jar2 jam yang lalu
  • 1:30 seriously on a Mac??

    cookie jarcookie jar2 jam yang lalu
  • HEY, GUYS..this is BrickWit....

    madcerealmadcereal2 jam yang lalu
  • Gigabyte wouldn't even replace my card that went faulty after 9 months (a fan broke). DO NOT EXPECT THIS TO BE NORMAL CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM GIGABYTE

    J CoeJ Coe2 jam yang lalu
  • Do a Review for the Hp Omen gaming PC

    AraTheEsFana ProductionsAraTheEsFana Productions2 jam yang lalu
  • Unsub...lets follow those real tech not just actor

    GeNezZz TVGeNezZz TV2 jam yang lalu
  • Isn't the 24 pin MoBo power header connectors supposedly keyed with a notch to keep this from happening?

    UrbyPilot21UrbyPilot213 jam yang lalu
  • Lucky. Can you fry my pc and and have it replaced too? PLEASE?!

    JurizJuriz4 jam yang lalu
  • Can we get a 1.5k pc?

    Gamerz HutGamerz Hut4 jam yang lalu
  • I was trying to wrap my head around this, it SHOULD be impossible, but then I realized he was using a custom set of cables. On a standard ATX 24 power cable you have a variety of different keyed connectors that make it so you can only connect the thing in one way. It looks like the Asiahorse cable he has has no keyed pins on the connector, hence being able to connect it incorrectly. Not really anyone's fault, just something to keep in mind when building. I've never used custom cables so never even noticed this as a possibility.

    TombunnyHunterTombunnyHunter4 jam yang lalu
  • Sooooo, you basically sent -12V to 3.3 rail or 12V to 5V sby or 12V to 3.3 and 5V to ground. Fun times...

    Dejan MilinkovDejan Milinkov4 jam yang lalu
  • Off-topic; In what universe is Night Verses post-rock? Nonetheless, awesome band! Thanks for the tip.

  • POV: when your here before 3k commetns

    snokeygamingsnokeygaming5 jam yang lalu

    Nicholas FugateNicholas Fugate5 jam yang lalu
  • My reaction while watching the whole part where you were talking about frying all the parts, "Kyle..."

    Austin SchwenkAustin Schwenk6 jam yang lalu
  • Bro the "sheeeeesh"

    ARX CyberARX Cyber6 jam yang lalu
  • when the macbook gets windows BSOD

    Beyond Reasonable CloutBeyond Reasonable Clout6 jam yang lalu
  • Making fun of a still running 7 year old MacBook Pro while simultaneously prolonging the gpu&cpu shortage by at least 3060 months;) can’t wait for Lyle‘s reaction :>

    Ace II HermitAce II Hermit6 jam yang lalu
  • anyone notice at 14:04 he pushes on the card / plug because its not in all the way, and then it turns on? Dudes having issues getting connections right..

    GrizzlyGrizzly6 jam yang lalu
  • 4:25 this is why i love kyle

    lil lego blocklil lego block6 jam yang lalu
  • Whine to manufacturer Free GPU Cook it like a moron Get another free GPU That's minus 50 DKP as far as I'm concerned.

    Chakka27Chakka276 jam yang lalu
  • Shit happens sometimes. At least you owned up to your mistake Kyle, Good shit!

    Josh DJosh D7 jam yang lalu
  • or a segway... INTO OUR SPONSOR

    Bapple GamingBapple Gaming7 jam yang lalu
  • It must be really bad if a MacBook Pro gets a Windows BSO.

    AcktunggAcktungg7 jam yang lalu
  • I would imagine that all of that that just happened made you feel like a complete noob and you were overly cautious with the second build

    that vape guy 18that vape guy 187 jam yang lalu
  • my mans Kyle lookin good!!!

    i0nici0nic8 jam yang lalu
  • That's the first time I've ever headbanged to a computer build video and I fucking loved it!!!

    dracer35dracer358 jam yang lalu
  • This hurts

    Elijah SnyderElijah Snyder8 jam yang lalu
  • Rip 3060, everything else yeah boohoo but a 30 series card dying that’s really depressing because it could’ve had a life but it was aborted

    Hairy ScramblerHairy Scrambler8 jam yang lalu
  • well that's 90% of the world's population of 3060's in 1 video. LOL. Glad it all worked out.

    Matt HardingMatt Harding9 jam yang lalu
  • send me the destryed gpu and i will try to fix it xD jajaja... :c

    Ozzy GOzzy G9 jam yang lalu
  • That was a very nice, very expensive, montage. His music was fantastic, but I'll be sure to only build to nice room jazz for the safest building experience.

    ihateyoutubeihateyoutube9 jam yang lalu
  • Serious props, kyle... seriously doubt most people would post a video that puts the verge guy to complete shame like this.

    swfenigmaswfenigma9 jam yang lalu
  • Craziest, most effed up thin to ever happen to you... PC-wise. Nice save.

    Kurt RowlandKurt Rowland10 jam yang lalu
    • Nice save? His sponsors/vendors bailed him out.

      Chris DerksenChris Derksen9 jam yang lalu
  • I’m salty as hell from this... I have taken almost two years to just build my pc and it’s still sitting in a test bench setting waiting to go in my h500m this mofo plugs in the 24 pin wrong and gets everything replaced.. in what a week?

    Theodore BrandtTheodore Brandt11 jam yang lalu
  • The guy from The Verge didn't brick his pc....

    Carlos OrtizCarlos Ortiz11 jam yang lalu
  • Nzxt feom ECS to asrock is NOT an improvement its a fukin death sentence.. Yes the components are better in theory etc BUT Asrocks supposed support is so horrifyingly shit that they are literally on the blacklist of many companies and for very good reason. (I personally have been involved in and/or witnessed them being eliminated from consideration and/or orders being changed/canceled to remove asrock from them for huge $$$,, Not just orders for 2 or 10 boards etc But very big orders One of the first was over 6 figures for the mb's alone) Also Nzxt is NOT a motherboard maker!!! Just doing some cosmetic changes and slapping such on someone else's product does NOT make them a MFR it makes then yet another lame as shit rebrand with a pathetic jump in price to go with it They obliviously didn't spend that $$ where it counts either hence their custom burndownyourhouse case But even ignoring the rebrand and other shit almost any other OEM would be a superior choice to asrock since when it counts those fucking tards wont stand behind their own shit nor own their own mistakes. I wont post details here but suffice to say soon enough some heads will be rolling at asrock NA over their absolute clusterfucks that they repeated over and over to the point where their FAIL is beyond epic,, it sets a new record for just how fucking stupid a company staff can be.

    Kindanyume .KindanyumeKindanyume .Kindanyume11 jam yang lalu
  • 3 days later but I still feel the need to call you a dumbass for this one Kyle.

    Brandon WestfallBrandon Westfall11 jam yang lalu
  • This just made me mad bruh

    Aqua SquidAqua Squid11 jam yang lalu
  • Saved by the sponsors 👍🏼

    LiveWireLiveWire11 jam yang lalu
  • Hows your wife?

    Luis SotoLuis Soto12 jam yang lalu
  • This is why jay calls you an amateur

    CuttleFisHCuttleFisH12 jam yang lalu
  • The peel tho

    Deangelo StewartDeangelo Stewart12 jam yang lalu
  • So Kyle. What did we learn about sticking things inside of things all Willy-nilly?

    GrayHusky315GrayHusky31512 jam yang lalu
  • Dude, you are so brutal on the gear, dropping stuff, throwing stuff, I've watched a ton of your video's, you are brutal !! and I will still be watching cause your a great builder, just take it easy on the

    Ken WohlinKen Wohlin12 jam yang lalu
  • You're lucky you have your affiliations, because that was pretty stupid what you did, I have no idea how that's possible.

    DrPorkDrPork12 jam yang lalu
  • I once had a dream where i literally ripped in half a 200 $ Ryzen CPU.... I barely touched it but it just ripped in half

    Patrik-Roland SzatmariPatrik-Roland Szatmari13 jam yang lalu
  • Lyle would never do this.

    vanzetti1927vanzetti192713 jam yang lalu
  • Maybe this is why we can get the 30 series cards cause people like this fry them

    Alex RowanAlex Rowan13 jam yang lalu
  • U want to do some good? Do not touch any gpus and help gamers out there to get those goddamn gpus that you fry like fricking chicken nuggets. xD Funny how brands have the parts just laying around for someone big who asks for one, but we normal poor humans need to buy them at quadruple price from scalpers.

    Dan D.S.PDan D.S.P13 jam yang lalu
  • ah yes, as a guitar player and audio engineer, i can relate to Nick, having a +3k guitar and gear, rather than a pro pc seems right

    Ignacio VeraIgnacio Vera14 jam yang lalu
  • It's too bad that case has such bad airflow because it's absolutely gorgeous

    Sweet-JaySweet-Jay14 jam yang lalu
  • 17:39 Ron?

    SwissiferSwissifer14 jam yang lalu
  • thank god people like this exist to get stuff we cant afford/find, only to fry it and be given replacement parts.

    DblHellixxxDblHellixxx15 jam yang lalu
  • Nur um es hervorzuheben... der PC vom Verge-Typen lief wenigstens XD XD XD

    fudeldideldufudeldideldu15 jam yang lalu
  • My daughter's PC used on her online class had reached the end of its life. It was a "Frankenstein" PC.

    The Lion WatchesThe Lion Watches15 jam yang lalu
  • but…but… it’s a MacBook🥺

    Xul NagXul Nag15 jam yang lalu
  • It really takes a special someone to force a keyed power connector into the wrong connections.

    MobileChaosMobileChaos15 jam yang lalu
  • What an idiots lol

    DeGeDeGe15 jam yang lalu
  • Why didn't you go for the Hackintosh? You went with a good AMD build and I'm sure Snazzylabs would have been down to help with this project. Collabs for days, Kyle. Maybe another time.

    Richbish91Richbish9116 jam yang lalu
  • 7:12 how the heck did you get rid of that sticker that easy???

    G - GrainG - Grain16 jam yang lalu
  • Quick question : Shouldnt the radiator be reversed with the tube at the bottom of the case ?

    Le Rhino BlancLe Rhino Blanc16 jam yang lalu
  • you might have enough content now to make a brick compilation

    Mike LayMike Lay16 jam yang lalu
  • My laptops cinebench score is 304 👀

    NoahPlayz07NoahPlayz0716 jam yang lalu
  • I like seeing the GN ModMat in all the IDworlds computer channels…

    Penfold011082Penfold01108216 jam yang lalu
  • Is this two builds that you broke this year!? haha I'm watching a channel about building pcs, but now its about breaking them.

    Kevin BlackKevin Black17 jam yang lalu
  • GPU shortages? naa that is only for poor people with no influence like you.

    Hermes TriHermes Tri17 jam yang lalu
  • what the actual hell is the outro?

    Bob WeathersBob Weathers17 jam yang lalu
  • What a nightmare

    McboyoMcboyo17 jam yang lalu
  • Kyle you fried the whole least the the verge build worked hahahaha sorry could not resist.

    Britec09Britec0917 jam yang lalu
  • What a Maroon!

    moeshickenyaymoeshickenyay17 jam yang lalu
  • Im sorry Kyle but you just lost my subscription and won a dislike. I feel that I liked this video because I love post rock and computers. I am a little chaped that not only did you brick a ton of good gear. You got it replaced so easily. I was hoping you would have to had payed a scalpers price fee for screwing up that card. I really think you need a second there to help you and babysit you. I dont trash talk that much IMO. But you should suffer or build on your business. The first ten minutes of the video i liked but you are probably making enough to hire a second and you videos might get better and more creative. Best wishes and ill be back if you make some worth while content.

    Corey CzimbackCorey Czimback17 jam yang lalu
  • watching someone brick/kill a pc hurts is like watching someone hit their head and you could feel the pain "telepathically".

    Johnny PlankJohnny Plank17 jam yang lalu
  • Hey Kyle, I built my very first PC in March and using onboard graphics currently. Think you could reach out and grab me a 3060? or any card for that matter.

    XDevilsChariotXXDevilsChariotX17 jam yang lalu
  • really liking the outro

    Evan HongEvan Hong17 jam yang lalu
  • Wish I was this lucky to atleast get my hands on a GTX 1650..

    Satyabrata SahaSatyabrata Saha17 jam yang lalu
  • Very nice system!

    virtual-adamvirtual-adam18 jam yang lalu
  • Hello there, you too!

    Andy BAndy B18 jam yang lalu
  • Shyt happens,, remember slower is faster., wen I was younger, I blew actual car motors up because of rushing, and it cost me out of pocket that In turn drastically effected my life at the time ,,,always check 3x go slow even if your the man at what you do!! God Bless Dude.

    Gr33n N1ckGr33n N1ck18 jam yang lalu
  • Finish the setup... This video is half what it could have been.

    r karr kar18 jam yang lalu

    Life4tunes fpvLife4tunes fpv18 jam yang lalu
  • I really, really hate those offset days (no pun intended).

    DD HDD H18 jam yang lalu
  • I felt physical pain when you were testing the bricked components

    Chance ThorntonChance Thornton18 jam yang lalu
  • Fries GPU during worst shortage in history... posts it on IDworlds 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    PneulegendPneulegend18 jam yang lalu
  • I thought the 24 PIN only fits the right way and that's it?

    Sara CreweSara Crewe19 jam yang lalu
  • Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Nahrizul Ashraf KadriNahrizul Ashraf Kadri19 jam yang lalu
  • So who just got that email saying their 3060 got delayed again smh

    Dontae DDontae D19 jam yang lalu
  • I dont know what I was watching lately in his channel and I dont think he knows what he has been doing.

    Yo ZoYo Zo19 jam yang lalu
  • So as consumer, I can't get a new graphics card, but you, being a IDworlds sensation, can brick a GPU and have a new one sent. Got it.

    Brandon BihrBrandon Bihr20 jam yang lalu
  • no more harassing Linus about dropping things Kyle, your mentor is proud

    Guy JordanGuy Jordan20 jam yang lalu
  • If you weren't using a garbage NZXT motherboard with heat insulating "armor" for literally no reason.. you may have seen those two pins you missed. Aesthetics tho! Its like they want everyone's PC to be an H1 dumpster fire.

    David FaustinoDavid Faustino20 jam yang lalu
  • I could have used that cpu and graphics card

    Marcus HowardMarcus Howard21 jam yang lalu
  • ...great, just the video I need to watch right before I build my PC for the first time...

    Geno San DiegoGeno San Diego21 jam yang lalu
  • Kyle the mainboard bricker xD Thats your new name

    ppee92ppee9222 jam yang lalu
  • @ Bitwit: will you please explain to me why you take the processor back off after the test outside the case? I don't see the point of this at all! And what use is this test if you subsequently make the same mistake with making the connections wrong in the case?

    Patrick Van LaerePatrick Van Laere22 jam yang lalu
  • Who does destroy a... bonk

    Harry IsbäckHarry Isbäck22 jam yang lalu